What Type of Toothbrush Should I Use?

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There are hundreds of shapes, sizes, and types of toothbrushes. If you are in the market for a new one, there are a few things to look out for. If you ever have any questions on which toothbrush is best for your gums and teeth, reach out to our Northfield dentist today. We are happy to help!


The most comfortable and safest toothbrush for your gums and teeth is a soft-bristled toothbrush. Some people brush their teeth vigorously and some people have weaker or sensitive teeth. Soft-bristled toothbrushes don’t damage your gums and root surface. In fact, they protect your tooth enamel better than a hard-bristled toothbrush. The bristles should also have round tips.

Overall Size

Make sure the head you choose for your toothbrush can reach all surfaces of your teeth. If you’re an adult, a half-inch wide and half-inch tall head will be sufficient. A good way to test this is if you can get the toothbrush reaching your back molars. Additionally, you should be able to hold the handle in your hand comfortably.

Powered Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush can be more efficient when it comes to removing plaque and tartar. If you have difficulty brushing your teeth or are prone to food getting stuck, a powered toothbrush might be your best option. Make sure you are getting a good one that is uniquely beneficial to your oral health.

Our Northfield dentist is ready to help you pick the perfect toothbrush to improve your oral health. Take that step towards a happier smile!

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