Aesthetic Bone Replacement

Our cosmetic dentistry in Wilmette is well-versed in what it takes to keep your smile healthy. One procedure that aids some of our patients in achieving a confident smile is aesthetic bone replacement, as it helps set them up to receive a dental implant.

What is a Dental Implant?

Comprised of two parts, dental implants are a great alternative to missing, cracked or damaged teeth that need replacing. One portion of a dental implant is the metal cylinder. This portion is placed directly into your jaw bone and functions just as a normal tooth root would. Connected to the top of that is a crown, which is the portion of the implant that looks and functions just like a normal tooth. When dental implants are successful, you likely won’t be able to tell the difference in look nor functionality between the implant and a real tooth.

Why is a Bone Replacement Procedure Necessary?

In order for a dental implant procedure to be successful, it is sometimes necessary to first complete an aesthetic bone replacement procedure. This procedure helps increase the chances of the implant being successful. Patients who need this typically have a jaw bone that is too thin or soft to handle an implant. If the implant is placed in a jaw that cannot handle it, the implant may become loose, damaged or infected.

The Bone Replacement Procedure

If you find yourself in need of an aesthetic bone replacement procedure, our cosmetic dentist near Wilmette will take care of you every step of the way. This procedure consists of our surgeon taking a piece of bone from a different part of your body and combining it with a special bone-grafting material that is then grafted onto your jaw bone. You can expect the healing process to take several months, but if you are patient, this procedure is well-worth the healing time. Throughout the healing process, with the help of the graft, your jaw will create a strong bone, providing our surgeon with a better chance of successfully placing a dental implant. There is not a guarantee that the bone graft surgery will allow you to receive a dental implant, but it greatly increases your chances of success. Ultimately, our professionals will evaluate your situation to see whether or not you are a good fit.