Laser Surgery

Our Northfield dentists are increasingly incorporating lasers into our procedures, as they offer tons of benefits that other techniques do not. Instead of pressure that normal dental tools utilize, lasers are effective in delivering energy through light, and they are effective in both surgical and everyday dental procedures. We utilize lasers as a cutting instrument that can be used in areas like the gums, as it can also act as a vaporizer of any tissue that it touches.

Pros of Using a Laser in Dentistry

Lasers have quickly become our Northfield dentist’s go-to option to replace traditional drills whenever possible. Procedures that utilize lasers are generally less painful than when they replace drills. Because of this, patients feel less of a need for anesthesia before their procedures begin. Keep in mind that lasers do not completely erase the need for a drill but can be used instead depending on the procedure.

Many of our patients feel anxious before going to the dentist, especially before a procedure because they anticipate pain that comes from the dental drill. Lasers are a great way to reduce anxiety in patients. Plus, lasers help minimize healing time as they produce less bleeding and swelling during the procedure.

What Procedures Utilize Lasers?

There are a variety of procedures for which our Northfield dentists utilize lasers. If your tooth has severe decay, lasers are a great way to remove it as well as prepare the surrounding enamel to receive the filling. Gum disease is another example of how effective lasers can be. In this case, they’re used to help reshape gums and get rid of bacteria during a root canal. Similarly, lasers are helpful in removing a small portion of the gums, called a biopsy, to test whether or not the patient has cancerous cells. Lasers offer precision and accuracy than traditional dentistry tools do not.

Lasers can also be used in teeth-whitening procedures as a heat source as well as to enhance the effect of tooth-bleaching agents. The use of lasers usually speeds up the process, as it helps activate the peroxide bleaching agent.

When Aren’t Lasers a Good Option?

If you have teeth that have fillings, lasers will not be used on those specific teeth. Lasers are also not a good option for procedures such as filling cavities or removing defective crowns.

If you have questions regarding the use of lasers at our Northfield dentistry, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!